September 20, 2021


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E-Commerce Benefits

With the assistance of e-commerce, companies can expand their market to national and international markets with minimal capital investment. a corporation can easily find more customers, best suppliers and suitable business partners round the world.

E-commerce helps companies lower the prices of making processes, distributing, retrieving and managing paper-based information by digitizing the knowledge .
E-commerce improves the company’s brand image.
E-commerce helps the corporate provide better customer service.
E-commerce simplifies business processes and makes them faster and more efficient.
E-commerce reduces paperwork.
E-commerce increases the productivity of organizations. It supports supply management of the “pull” type. In supply management of the “pull” type, a business process begins when an invitation comes from a customer and uses the just-in-time manufacturing method.
It offers 24×7 support. Customers can inquire a few product or service and place orders anytime, anywhere from any location.

The e-commerce application gives users more options and faster delivery of products.

The ecommerce application gives users more options to match and choose the cheaper and better options.

A customer can leave review comments on a product and see what others are buying, or view other customers’ review comments before making a final purchase.

E-commerce offers options for virtual auctions.

It provides readily available information. A customer can view the relevant detailed information within seconds rather than waiting days or weeks.

E-commerce increases competition between organizations and, as a result, organizations offer significant discounts to their customers.
Customers don’t need to visit buy a product, which suggests less traffic on the road and fewer pollution .

E-commerce helps reduce product costs in order that less wealthy people also can afford the products.

E-commerce has enabled rural areas to access services and products that are otherwise not available to them.

E-commerce helps government deliver public services like healthcare, education, and social services at a reduced cost and in an improved manner.