September 20, 2021


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Ecommerce Cons

Due to the poor implementation of e-commerce, there could also be a scarcity of system security, reliability or standards.

The software development industry is evolving and changing rapidly.

In many countries, network bandwidth are often a drag .

The vendor may require special sorts of web servers or other software that creates the e-commerce environment different from network servers.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to integrate an e-commerce software or website with an existing application or database.

Software / hardware compatibility issues may arise as some e-commerce programs might not be compatible with an OS or other component.
Initial cost – the value of building an e-commerce application in-house are often very high. thanks to errors and lack of experience, there could also be delays in starting an e-commerce application.

User resistance – Users cannot trust the web site to be an unknown faceless seller. This distrust makes it difficult to convince traditional users to maneuver from physical stores to online / virtual stores.

Security / Privacy – it’s difficult to make sure the safety or privacy of online transactions.

The lack of touch or feel of products when shopping online may be a disadvantage.

E-commerce applications are still evolving rapidly.

Internet access remains not cheaper and inconvenient for several potential customers, like those that sleep in remote villages.