September 21, 2021


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Android vs iOS – which is best , OS comparison

I tried to be as objective as possible. My personal subjective opinion also will be present, but already at the top of the article and more for show. to spot the winner, I used the worldwide statistics on the prevalence of mobile operating systems (tablets have fundamentally different statistics and deserve a separate article). The StatCounter service helped me during this matter. it’s clear that it’s not “the truth within the first instance,” except for a general understanding of the difficulty , it’ll do quite well.

For full scale, I took statistics already from 2009 (before this year, it had been simply pointless to look at the slice, because then the share of Android was zero). For clarity, I even have rounded all values to the closest 0.5%. additionally , I took all measurements for January of every year.

In addition to the two systems into account , there have been people who I combined into the “Others” category. These are Series 40, Symbian OS, BlackBerry OS, Samsung, Windows, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, etc. At just one occasion , a number of them occupied leading positions, but at the time of this writing (March 2017), the “excitement” around their “names” began to tend to zero and not be of particular interest.
If you check out this table from the purpose of view of the recognition of mobile operating systems, then Android has done something impossible in 8 years. He “gobbled up” almost half iOS, and in 2-4 years, presumably , “eat up” all the opposite “Other” systems.

And here, too, everything is predicted . Android confidently “strides” on all continents, apart from North America – there over the past few years it “uncertainly” stagnates.

Apple’s brainchild also features a long stagnation, but already on 4 of 6 continents: Africa, Asia, North America and Oceania. there’s no growth on any continent, but there’s a big decline in Europe and insignificant in South America.
Nobody knows what is going to happen next, but with a high degree of probability the market are often expected. presumably within the next 2-4 years the “robot” will continue its victorious career (albeit not with great enthusiasm). i would not even be surprised if iOS lost another 1-2% of its global share – a minimum of everything is heading towards this (and quite few places only confirm my guesses).