September 21, 2021


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Hidden Android Features Everyone Should realize

At first glance, Android could seem like a particularly simple OS , but it (especially within the latest versions) has many hidden features and settings which will make your life much easier. So before you run to urge root and install plenty of software on your smartphone, it might be better to familiarize yourself with this functionality.
Android features a so-called safe mode. Working during this mode, the OS disables all applications installed by the user, so it can prevent if you suddenly infected your smartphone with a screen lock. To activate, just press the shutdown button until the facility off button appears, then hold your finger thereon . The smartphone will reboot.
The so-called quick replies are a function that permits you to quickly send SMS in response to a call. By default, four responses are available, like “I can’t speak”, “I’ll call you back.” But it’s pretty boring and mundane. If you would like something more creative, response templates are often edited: “Phone -> menu -> Settings -> Quick responses”.
Blacklisting numbers have always been a obstacle for Android users. The system itself doesn’t provide such capabilities, and therefore the applications available within the market implement blocking numbers through dirty hacks and not always correctly (most of those applications simply pretend to be a third-party dialer who picks up the phone and immediately hangs up).

However, blocking also can be obtained available Android, for this you only got to send unwanted subscribers to voicemail. to try to to this, tap on the specified contact, then press the edit icon (“pencil”), then the menu and choose the item “Voice only. mail”. There, by the way, you’ll set a separate ringtone for the subscriber.