September 21, 2021


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How to start learning about investing

From my very own general ideas about investing money, I actually saw only 2 options:

Banking products: conventional deposits and deposits in metals – OMS
Real estate: investing in construction projects at a reduction or renting out apartments
The first option is sweet for primary accumulation and preservation of funds, but it rarely allows you to overtake inflation and earn something. The other features a high entry threshold (large amounts are required) and A level of risk.

When trying to “google” most of the queries like “investment methods” were directed to sites associated with Forex. and therefore the first advice is that this , once you see offers to form money on Forex, you ought to immediately have the subsequent reaction:

Forex has nothing to try to to with investment. this is often a far off exchange market which will be wont to buy a specific currency. But the purchased currency can already be invested.
As the first motivating books that cover the fundamentals of monetary literacy, goals and investment opportunities, I can recommend the following:

Bodo Schaefer – “The Path to Financial Freedom”
Robert Kiyosaki – “Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing”
George Samuel Clayson – “The Richest Man in Babylon”
Anthony Robbins – “Money. Game Master “
Vladimir Savenok – “How to understand a private budget , or what proportion money is required for happiness”