September 21, 2021


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iPhone Features you’ll Not realize

An Apple smartphone are often even more convenient.
Just call Siri with an extended touch on the house button and ask to show on the camera. to require a photograph , press any volume button on your smartphone or headphones.

In those rare cases when the iPhone freezes or must release the device’s RAM, an emergency restart will help. Just hold down the house button and therefore the Lock button for 10 seconds.

Go to the item “Accessibility” within the main settings of the iPhone. Scroll right down to the Shortcut Keys tab – you’ll see an inventory of functions. Triple-tapping the house button launches VoiceOver, color invert (useful for reading), some display settings, screen zoom, and Switch Control or AssistiveTouch.

To turn on the magnifier by triple-pressing the house button, simply select the acceptable item in “Accessibility”.

Perhaps all iPhone users know that double-clicking on the mechanical Home button opens the appliance selection window. But not most are aware that double tap on the button sensor “lowers” the screen a touch , allowing owners of huge smartphones to simply reach the highest icons.

If you’ve got an iPhone 6s or newer, using 3D Touch can make your life tons easier and save time. This technology will speed up navigation between applications, make typing more convenient and more .

The iPhone has two volume settings: one for calls and notifications, and one for music and apps. Turning off the “Change with buttons” toggle within the sound settings will fix the ringer volume within the current position and transfer control of music and applications to the side buttons.