September 21, 2021


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Purchase of parking spaces

A very profitable investment for residents of megacities. Parking spaces in new buildings are scattering like hot cakes. The stream of people willing to rent a parking zone within the house will never run out. All investments pays off during a brief period of some time . True, some developers sell parking spaces only to apartment owners within the building. But if you bought an apartment during a replacement building and you still have a specific amount of money left, buy a couple of of parking spaces quite you’d like . this might provide you with constant passive income. At the same time, additional spending during this type of activity isn’t needed.

According to Rosreestr, the quantity of land transactions is consistently growing. variety of the residential premises were bought so as that the customer could save an outsized amount of money from inflation and inspect to require advantage of it. In other words, investment in land in our country isn’t any more as rare because it had been a decade ago. Despite the actual fact that in many areas of investment income isn’t too high, and thus the risks are significant, the investment process itself could also be a necessary business. Another thing is that land investments have recently earned a dubious reputation. And there are reasons for that:

long cost recovery. The income is basically not as high as we’d like. the aim of payback (taking into account the costs incurred) may never come.
questionable liquidity. land in our country is certainly losing value. additionally , if the sale is before three years later, tax is levied on the number received, which can nullify all attempts to make money.
high associated costs (utilities, taxes, maintenance of land in good condition);
rapid obsolescence of land . With the speed at which construction is underway in our country, new buildings are “aging” faster than their owners. additionally , the purchased apartment during a replacement building, even after one owner, becomes a “secondary property”. and thus the secondary housing market goes through adversity now. People prefer housing during a replacement building for several reasons, including because preferential loans are provided for housing in new buildings.
To summarize everything written, as an example the next . If in your particular case the advantages of investing in land outweigh the disadvantages, it’s sensible to understand this experience and draw conclusions yourself. Perhaps you will be the investor who can make a fortune while working with land .